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5 Ways You Get Subluxations

In the article,  “What Is A Subluxation,” you learned that a subluxation is when your spine is jammed or misaligned and causes a structural interference to the normal function of your nervous system.

You also learned that subluxations cause your body to malfunction and not work normally. A common question I get from new patients regarding subluxations is, “How does my spine get that way?

The obvious answer is from trauma, like auto accidents, falls, or any sudden physical injuries. There are also four “not so obvious” reasons why people lose the health in their spine and develop subluxations.

The first reason is everyday wear and tear. You see, most subluxations don’t just suddenly show up. No, most subluxations develop over time.  Little by little, our everyday activities start to wear down our spines. Over time we start to develop subluxations.

The second reason is the aging process. As we get older, our bodies naturally start to break down and deteriorate. The aging process can cause arthritis, degeneration, and subluxations in your spine.

The third reason is stress.  There are 3 different types of stress that affect the health of your spine and body: Physical stress, chemical stress, and emotional stress. Stress has been proven to have negative effects on the body, including the spine.  There’s no question that most people live very fast paced stressful lives these days.  And stress causes subluxations.

The final reason is neglect. Over 80% of our population experiences back pain or health problems as a result of having spinal subluxations. The reason so many people suffer with subluxations is because most people don’t take care of their spine.

You wouldn’t expect your car to run optimally if you never serviced it and took good care of it, would you?  How about your teeth? What if you never brushed them? Do you think the chance of getting cavities increases? You bet. The spine is no different. When you ignore taking care of your spine, everyday wear and tear, the aging process, and stress will take it’s toll.

So let’s summarize. Here are the 5 ways your spine becomes unhealthy and develops subluxations:

1. Trauma
2. Everyday wear and tear
3. The aging process
4. Physical, chemical, & emotional stress
5. Neglect

Remember, if your spine is unhealthy and has areas where there are subluxations, they will cause your body to work less efficiently and malfunction, which decreases your overall health and quality of life.

Dr. Bob Mulcahy

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